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Last updated: December 6, 2017
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We are the "100% All Free All The Time" Jewish Dating and Relationship Website for ONLY Jewish singles who are divorced, widowed and/or never married regardless of religious affiliation! We are fully-funded by private funds and a not-for-profit website. All of our features are free and we charge nothing for Jewish singles to join or to use our site. Unlike many singles dating websites that currently offer free membership and have the intent to eventually charge some fees at some point down the road, we will not charge any fees EVER!

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My Jewish Matches - The happy Jewish camperette!


I've been on many Jewish and non-Jewish dating websites over the past few years. I am currently signed up on 4 Jewish websites looking for a serious relationship with a Jewish male. Some websites are for pay and some are free. Every website makes claims about what they are and what they offer and it's pretty much all the same. So I was very surprised to see a Jewish dating website that screened it's members to make sure that they were Jewish before they could join (most do not and I've received far too many replies from non-Jewish men). Although they have no customer service phone number to call and to speak to someone when I had a few questions (which I would've preferred), they did respond via e-mail in a fast and very courteous manner. They say that all of their profiles are real and they claim to have a non active profile policy in order to keep the profiles up to date. It's a nice looking website and generally user friendly.

I like the features and a few are unique which I have not seen on other Jewish dating websites. They are growing, yet I would've been happier if they had 50,000 members when I joined. But it's completely free, they screen everyone and all I need is one right person!

It's a very new website and while they're growing, they are not yet the largest Jewish website.

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