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Last updated: February 24, 2017
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Recruitment 4 Love

?Recruitment 4 Love? is an incorporated matchmaking service based in Toronto that offers busy professionals the chance to find that "special someone". We realize that it is not always easy to find the time to date.

We are professional matchmakers who specialize in finding someone who is compatible with your life, likes, dislikes, schedule and needs.

This website doesn't exist anymore!

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Recruitment 4 Love reviews (5):

Recruitment 4 Love - Professional and Intuitive


I like them a lot so far. The matchmaker came to my office as I didn't have the patience to drive into the financial district on a Tuesday afternoon. She was professional, efficient, and funny. Warm handshake, intuitive questions, and she seemed to really know her stuff. I wasn't expecting someone so candid, but she was genuine and I respected that. To be honest, it was refreshing to have someone be so openly honest and direct with me. I'm not used to that, especially in my position. She's set me up with one really great match so far, but she also explained a deal-breaker (distance) when she first introduced us, but I decided to move forward anyway because everything else sounded like a great fit. After that first date, I was impressed by how well my matchmaker understood me, and how well she pegged me with this amazing woman. In the end, the distance did prove to be an issue, but at least I now know that I can trust my matchmaker's instincts implicitly.

Unlimited attempts to find me someone. Great weekly communication with my matchmaker and ability to customize my profile. Feedback has proven helpful for my dating "techniques." My matchmaker and her team are sourcing matches throughout the city; they aren't just relying on their existing "pool" of candidates.

My matchmaker is in a relationship herself...... ;D

Moshe does recommend Recruitment 4 Love to friends/family

Recruitment 4 Love - A Great Experience So Far, Impressed


I had to leave a review on this site, despite already telling all my friends and family how wonderful the people are at Recruitment 4 Love, but also to show just how wrong the last review was. First of all, my initial interview was free because they were recruiting me as a potential match for one of their exisiting members. If your interview was not free, that's because they weren't recruiting you, so why would they give you a free interview?? Think about it. And I met my matchmaker in an interview room at their office on the 57th floor. She did give me the choice of meeting in the coffee shop downstairs, but after I declined, she was more than happy to welcome me into her office. It was my choice.

And yes, I know my matchmaker recruits for me online. That's one of the most amazing benefit to the service, because I don't have the time to sit in front of my computer and search through dating profiles. They interview and pre-screen every single person that they set me up with, regardless of whether they found them through Craiglist, eHarmony, their database, or through dating events. That's how recruiting works, that?s how their qualification process works. And if they reward people for helping them find matches for their clients, why not? That helps me even more. Heck, I would too! And I?m glad I don?t have to do all that work myself; who has the time to go on 10 crappy first dates? I want to go on one great first date, and see where that goes.

And these matchmakers are the least sales-y people I know! They will immediately talk you out of it if they see you are not ready. That?s what they did with me; I was thinking about joining but my matchmaker intuitively knew that I wasn?t 100% over my ex, so she suggested I just sit back on the roster for a bit. After a few failed attempts on my own, and some time to heal, I was ready to have them start my search.

An extremely professional, patient, welcoming, warm service from very caring professionals. They genuinely take the time to get to know you, and understand you. My matchmaker is someone I trust; I speak to her weekly about date feedback and the status of my search. I?ve just started with them, but I?m already impressed at the lengths they go, truly, to search for a match on my behalf. That?s not something I will say about the only other service that I?ve tried. This service, this team of people, they are definitely doing something right.

Farhana does recommend Recruitment 4 Love to friends/family

Recruitment 4 Love - Do NOT sign with these people!


They talk you into signing using high pressure tactics, you sign a non-refundable contract in 8 pitch font, and try post ads pretending they are you on Craigslist to find you dates. I have the emails to prove it.rnrnPick ANY company but them. Most other companies don't charge the )100 profile fee and they are comparably priced with much larger databanks, better service, and way more professional. These guys want to meet in coffee shops instead of their office. Who does that? And the other guy is right about the hugs.rnrnOh and they pay people 10% commissions if they find a warm body to match you with. They claim you can mKe 20k a year for that!rnrnStay away!


Where do I begin?rnThey pretend they are you on Craigslist.rnThey don't return phone calls.rnIt seems to be 2 women running it by blackberry.rnyou pay and it is non-refundable.rnThe more I learn the more questionable these people really are.

Recruitment 4 Love - A real, personalized approach


The matchmaker I met with was warm, professional, and very straight-forward about my options. I was hesitant at first, but I've been at my wits end with dating sites, and all the work that resulted in more quantity and not quality. I called in to their office, chatted with a very friendly matchmaker about my needs and their services, and she made an appointment for me to come to her office. She explained that I would have to sign an agreement after our meeting and that I wasn't obligated to pay any fees until I myself decided to become a client. I agreed. Their office is in a great location, and the receptionist offered me a coffee or tea. My matchmaker made me feel very comfortable during the interview process and we spent over an hour together, chatting, laughing, and really getting to know each other. I really felt that she had a good sense of me, the real me. After my first free date (which was great in terms of a personality match, but there was no real chemistry after our second date), and a few months of sitting on their free roster, I decided to become a client myself. Now, after 5 months with her and her team, I can say that we're friends. Not only has she introduced me to a few amazing men (including the gentleman that I'm currently dating), but she genuinely cares and tries to understand what I liked and didn't like about each match. Each new match was 10x better than the last. We speak on a frequent basis, and she's super accessible when I need advice about dating, clothing, etc. etc. My membership is currently on hold now, because I'm dating this amazing man that they recruited for me. If this, heavin forbid, doesn't work out, then they will simply re-activate my search. This is definitely a company and team of professionals that I know are in my back corner. They genuinely went above and beyond their call of duty, and I know they do that for all of their clients!

Definitely a company that you should look into if you're serious about finding someone who is serious about a long-term relationship as well!

Unlimited introductions for a full-year annual membership

At first, I thought their price was pretty steep. But I did my research and checked out a few other matchmaking agencies, and Recruitment 4 Love's was not only the most competitively priced, but they're the only ones that really go above and beyond. You're not just getting "introductions" - you're getting real recruitment!

Marilynne does recommend Recruitment 4 Love to friends/family

Recruitment 4 Love - lawyer


Dating company is very sketchy. Do not sign anything when you meet with them about the FREE date...a lot of legal jumble that you can't understand....and a lot of pressure to sign. They start of with complimenting your looks, clothes, etc. Then they start the interview. Half way through they stop and demand that you sign their legal papers before you go any further. If you don't sign then the interview stops right there. If you sign, you will be legally locked into paying fyi. My recruiter was so creepy that she asked me for a hug when I told her I refused to sign the papers....who does that???

If the company goes under, the staff should seriously consider acting. I hear Oscar!

See above. I could go on but I will let you decide for yourself.

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