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Last updated: June 5, 2019
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Tender Singles

Free online dating for tender, kind and loving singles

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Tender Singles reviews (4):

Tender Singles - Fake


I’ve been on this site for 3 months.. sketchy as hell. One I called out right away. And she caved in on the scam. Another needed a phone upgrade and the third wants $ for gas to drive out to me.. 100 mile ride = 50 buck gift card. Lol. I played out.. wouldn’t give me her street address. And the place she said she works at is out of business. You can have fun with it once you know. But don’t expect a real relationship to happen on this site

Playing games with the con artists.

I can see how a desperate guy can fall victim- especially after a breakup. Guys.. get alpha. This site prays on the beta male

Scott does NOT recommend Tender Singles to friends/family

Tender Singles - Scam city


I'm not big on online dating but decided to try out one of the free sites and ended up clicking on tender singles. I've only been on the site for 7 days and I've had three different women attempt to steal my identity. One of them I started doing a little research on it and the picture was some extremely famous model that was in the Robin Thicke Good girl video. There is one woman that I met that I think might be real. She actually gave me her phone number and has not asked for a bunch of information but I could be totally wrong on this one too. Almost every girl on that site is a scam. I am 100% sure that the moderators had something to do with it because I never gave out my hangout address but to three people and now I've had up to 30 different people try to contact me on Hangout.


the girls are fake and if you're gullible you'll end up either losing a large amount of money or have your identity stolen

Thomas Ben does NOT recommend Tender Singles to friends/family

Tender Singles - Scams


All these women are trying to scam people out of money. They will talk to you for a couple of days and then they will start asking you for money. They will ask you for iPhone gift cards or asked you to upgrade their phones. Also beware of women that always want to talk on Google Hangout. If they leave a phone number on their tender page call it most of the time it's Google voice. If they ask you to send them a picture of you don't do it. If they send the picture of them is normally somebody else's. This is a catfish site so beware

Daniel does NOT recommend Tender Singles to friends/family

Tender Singles - Does any real profiles exist at tendersingles.ch?


Does any real profiles exist at tendersingles.ch?

All of the "women" I have conversated with have been scammers.

With several of them I have had an ongoing conversation under several months. At the end they usually ask about money.

Or I find hers picture on a porn-site. Or they change their life story several times

Tendersingles.ch never delete any scammers profile.

I suspect that this "dating site" is run by scammers. To get any man/woman on the hook.

I have been there around 18 months, and it always end the same.

The women profile were a scammer.

If you are bored, you could have fun with the scammers

Waste of time, if you are serious

Dennis N. does NOT recommend Tender Singles to friends/family

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