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Am Kayla smith from California

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I will love to meet a good woman to spend time together and get to know each other. Share who we are and what we like to enjoy the best in this life.I'll try to tell you in general what I would like my princess to be like. I want her to be cheerful. she may get upset or even mad, but not everyday. I need her communicate with me and listen to me too, especially when things are not working in the relationship or in the family..she would love me even though at times she didn’t understand me. I would like her to enjoy going out at times, but other times may just prefer to stay at home with me embracing each other. she has to be hard working and family oriented,Hard working,passionate, but also tender would be wonderful and have the lord in there plan of life.The list can go on and on, and if you notice, some of the things are so very important like communicating with each other, loving one another in a way and quantity that whatever is wrong or bad, we work it out. These two I consider the most important.

People are very good