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A con site run by crooks

Review about SexSearch

I used to be on this site about 8 years ago.I seemed nice and well laid out but when I get dozens of messages from beautiful women I knew something wasn't right.In real life I don't attract anyone and have never lost my virginity let alone had a girlfriend so at first I couldn't believe my luck when I got all of these messages from pretty ladies.In order to respond I had to become a gold member which cost me £30.00 which went through quickly and enabled me to message these women back. However when I left my contact details I discovered they were edited out by admin for the supposed reason of stopping spammers.I wrote to admin and asked them how can I make contact with these women and they said through their site so I said how do we meet and they said you cannot.So I cancelled my membership but these crooks debited my credit card after my 30 days were up even though I cancelled. To make matters worse they then refused to answer anymore mail from me so I had to re order a new card from my bank.

No pros whatsoever

The worst customer service ever,Run by crooks and no possibility of ever being able to meet anyone on this crappy site!

Good for women but bad for men

Review about Plenty Of Fish (POF)

This is another site I have wasted 10 years of my life on.It is overwhelmingly populated by men which is great for women but bad for guys.A friends daughter has had lots of success on this site but I have been on here for over 10 years and the only mail I have ever had has been from admin.This site is only good for 3 types of men,1 the good lookers,2 the rich men and 3 the men who are good at telling lies that enable them to lure the women in.If you are ugly and poor like me don't waste your time because no one will be interested in you.


1)Fixed profile questions that don't let you answer honestly.2)Full of passport seekers,shallow women that go for looks and gold diggers.3)Terrible customer service.4)Awful layout.5)A waste of time for ordinary men.

Not a bad site

Review about AfroRomance

I have been a member of this site for 10 years and although I have never met anyone on it before I can honestly say it is trustworthy.However the customer service isn't as good as it used to be.I do think though that most of the women on this site are either interested in marriage for the purpose of obtaining a British passport or are gold diggers especially as my honest profile which says I have little in little wealth never gets me anywhere and 10 years on a dating site without success is hardly worth the trouble.

1)Nice layout.2)Can send free responses to fully paid up members.3) You won't get hundreds of false women messaging you.4)Is totally trustworthy as when you cancel they won't re debit your credit card without your permission unlike many sites out-there.

Full of passport seekers and gold diggers.Ugly and poor men like me need not join this site because if you have nothing to offer you will only be wasting your time.


Review: White Men seeking Black Women go to

Not everyone is able to go out and find dates especially ugly men that's why they are dating sites!