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Illicit Encounters is the UK's biggest and longest running dating site for wedded individuals. Secured in 2003, we have been giving a gathering spot to similar wedded and joined individuals in excess of 10 years. Our parts have one thing in common - they are all searching for a little sentiment outside their ebb and flow relationship. Whether that is the infrequent bit of coy talk, a consistent espresso date, or an out and out issue, that is dependent upon them. practices itself in making non judgement, no-weight environment for our parts. It takes the security and obscurity of our parts genuinely, which is the reason we offer exceptional peculiarities, for example, secret word insurance on photos, to ensure their characters. We will additionally never impart any of your individual information or contact data with other dating locales - when you sign up to, that is all you're joining to.

Other than trading letters, you can likewise utilize web-cam visit, which our dating webpage offers. This peculiarity is likewise completely free. This is a huge in addition, since you can hear AND additionally see an alternate client in the event that he/she isn't so apathetic it is not possible turn their Polaroid on. Keeping in mind the end goal to communicate in the talk rooms, you and your companion ought to be online in the meantime. On the off chance that you both live in diverse time zones, one of you will need to get ready enough espresso to continue going. With in excess of 900,000 parts over the UK, you're certain to discover your ideal match. To discover what our parts consider us, visit our testimonials page. Click on the room you might want to enter and afterward click the Join Selected Room catch. You can see other individuals in the visit room by clicking on their name in the room rundown. You can additionally make your own particular feature visit room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room catch. Our visit has a framework which permits you to have your own particular private room which is watchword secured. You won't be aggravated by different clients from the general population campaign as private rooms if you use

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Illicit Encounters reviews (56):

Illicit Encounters - mrs


I found the site hard work, lots of men looking for sleazy meetings or timewasters who were not prepared to meet up but wanted the 'fun' of the chase.

I joined the site to meet someone to build a relationship based on the time both can spare, without damaging each others situation. I have found few men looking for more than a daliance. Its not about a life changing love affair but an addition to what you have at home, however the fantasy can be fun.

I am genuinely only looking for a lover to add to my life, its a shame the men think they are there to be ensnared and tricked by the women.

The men need to stop chatting and ask the women for a coffee.

easy to use

free for women

sleazy men

time wasters

Illicit Encounters - Fake members and messages....


I've been a member of Illicit Encounters twice now. The first time, early last year, I did meet a lovely lady with whom I had a several months long affair. When this affair finished I rejoined and was disappointed to discover that IE now engage in the dodgy marketing tactics of other sites. Having previously learnt the cautious behaviour of a typical female member, it was transparently obvious when I rejoined that IE, that the company had changed tactics in an attempt to extract more cash from me. I was suddenly bombarded with messages from ladies apparently lusting after me (even though I had not posted any publicly viewable pictures). My advice to prospective cheaters is save money and go to married dating site, which is much cheaper and where there appear to be far more genuine ladies looking for affairs.

One of the first married dating sites

Fake members and messages
Ridiculously expensive
Very few genuine women

Edward does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Lot's of fun to be had


I have been on IE a couple of times. I am a genuine woman looking for a lover. I have had email with lots of men and have met and had sex with some of them. The site has allowed me to have some wonderful experiences. I have found that some of the men are not interested in actually meeting up, the men look at my photos say they like me but when I say, well let's meet they seem incapable of actually comitting themselves ad organisng something. So to the men who complain I would say, ask for a date, that's what we want.

Full of men
Easy to use

Some of the men seem to be timewasters and don't want to meet up.

Belinda does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Be careful


I can definitely confirm that there are real women on here. I haven't met any yet but I have met the husband of one that I had emailed. Somehow he tracked down my mobile number and address (neither of which I had given out) and came round to encourage me to stop emailing his wife and not to even think about meeting her. Go ahead and join up if you want to but it isn't without risk. I suppose you get what you deserve, as with the real world.

There are real women

Just be careful, follow their advice pages

Illicit Encounters - Waste of time and money


I think I should need my head testing for paying over 100 pounds for 1 month membership of a dating site. I had 1 month membership last year (2010) and met one nice lady - it could have gone somewhere if I had more opportunities for meeting but I think she was just a flash in the pan. But the amount of time spent writing witty messages etc and the cost don't really justify it. Nearly all the profiles are genuine I would say - the sheer ordinariness of the ladies is proof of that and most keep their picture hidden. But as it is free for ladies there are too many just doing it for a laugh and be prepared to waste a lot of precious time. I did notice one thing - while not a gold member you get a trickle of messages from different ladies - but you cannot read them without membership - then when you join and go back over the messages you find they are all one liners - like, "just got back been away a while" - and none of those who sent messages in replied to me after I joined. If you have masses of free time to invest and think 134 quid a month is good value then this might be for you. But I implore you not to give these blood suckers any of your money - like I did, fool that I am. Get out and try the odd chat up with someone you really fancy as most of the women on here are just old frumps.

- lot of genuine profiles

- too many plain janes and old frumps
- scandalously costly
- fake messages
- timewasters

Rafael Jon does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Mr


Just coming toward the end of my second paid up spell on IE.Fair amount of success last summer,even though there were lots of complete timewasters.Unfortunately this spell has seen even more timewasters,together with the continued presence of last summers timewasters!!.
I believe the site would be vastly improved if women,after a free period of gold membership,had to then somehow qualify their authenticity.Even today,on log-in the same old faces from last summer!,those who didnt acknowledge a message then ,and bet your life wouldnt today.
On a positive note have corresponded and met some real,and genuine people.I have also met some inveterate liars with a whole range of rather worrying baggage!.The cost is quite high but if endless chatters,timewasters and nightfighters could be illiminated (not literally),then it would be fair value

Easy to use,fair amount of success

Too many timewasters!

Illicit Encounters - Waste of time not forgeting money


Having been on and off IE for the past 18-24 months in both capacities(gold and non gold) one thing stands out and its not that the site is value for money but it appears some female members have a tendency to linger on and linger on and linger on for sometime i could easily name a few but my advice... chat up your nieghbours wife you will at least be talking to a woman and a real person!

finlay bla does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Does what it says on the tin


I've been a 'Gold' member for two months now. Yes, it costs, but if you get an offer it's much cheaper than it initially looks. So far have actually met with 4 ladies from my area, all of whom were pleasant enough, and two I have carried on to second and third dates with.

You do have to put some effort in though - actually writing a decent profile, adding pictures (even if they're not of you)...all of that helps. Men going on here looking for effortless hook-ups should just go and pay for it. If you want to meet a living, breathing, thinking female for something a bit more intimate, it's a good place to start. The average lady on there seems a bit more articulate/interesting than those I've seen on similar sites. They seem to keep on top of most scammers - though, like any dating site, it's not entirely scam-free.

Search functions are pretty basic though...would be nice if there were more options to narrow searches, aside from location and age.

Simple to use
Lots of genuine members, seemingly very few fakes
Decent 'success rate'

It would be nice to have more search functions - like by postcode for example...
It is pretty pricey

jon does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Illicit Encounters works for me!


I've been a member of many dating sites both for singles and marrieds. Compared to the others, I found Illicit Encounters to be a refreshing experience. The ladies I've spoken to seem real and the 4 I've met in the flesh were undoubtedly genuine!! Like all dating sites, the women want to be wooed with wit and creativity. Unlike most dating sites, the ladies on IE seem to be serious about meeting up and taking things further.

I often think that some men think of dating sites as a quick fix to gaps in their real love lives. The online dating world is exactly the same as the real world when it comes to attracting women. You have to work at it.

The relationships I've had via Illicit Encounters have been different because the ladies I've met were looking for the same thing - i.e. not a full time relationship but an affair to fill in the gaps lacking in their married lives. Having matching expectations is important and the 2-3 times a month that we've met has suited both parties.

I would say to the guys who have posted negative experiences here, try again. I'm an average guy - not especially good looking nor wealthy, and yet I've met someone via IE each time I've paid their (admittedly high) upgrade fee.

Genuine women looking for NSA
A good ratio of women to men compared to other dating sites
They don't bombard you with communications


Ernesto does recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

Illicit Encounters - Too many fake female profiles/escorts plying trade


It's quite re-assuring to read some of the males having a similar experience on here.
I have to say the first time I joined I did have a couple of meets and successes (in 08) but subsequently upon re-joining it seems that it's now become a commercial exercise to extract one-off member with the extortionate joining fee. I set up two very different profiles (non Gold member) and each was contacted (in the first instance) by exactly the same women, with similar generic names and very similar profile content. It seems they are just enticing you to join one off, it doesn't matter if you don't come back due to the high fee you paid.

This is a shame as there are a few genuine women on there but it does seem quite an effort to find those. Another issue is that because the females don't have to pay it seems that a few just use it an ego massaging exercise rather than seriously for who it is trying to match up (you can tell as they are still there after a few years!). So you have a huge mismatch of guys thinking they will message everything and anything just because of the outlay. In this case I think there should be a nominal fee for women to weed out time wasters ... but I guess it's all about supply and demand then? eh?!


Not a huge amount of men (probably due to price!)

Illicit Encounters using fake profiles and messaging to entice men to upgrade membership.
A fair few non-serious women using it as a validation tool (but then which dating site doesn't?!) and a number of escorts looking to hook up a guy who will spend on something like this.

Darbo does NOT recommend Illicit Encounters to friends/family

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