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Last updated: November 10, 2017
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eLove - Matchmaking that works for you.

Traditional matchmaking is not a new concept. It has been well established for hundreds of years and not only continues to evolve, but is thriving in today's environment. The benefits and value provided are unmatched by anything else and have only improved through technology. At eLove, they recognize and understand the unique advantages personal matchmaking has to offer.

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eLove reviews (110):

eLove - Thank you!


I am so glad I read the reviews before going down there, Thanks to everyone who took the time to express their opinion; I know now, not to waste my time.

eLove - Finally Happy That Valentines Day Is Here!


I joined elove matchmaking just about a year ago and though I was getting introduced to a lot of women with the same interests as me none of them really stuck -- finally after my 7th introduction I have met someone that I can finally spend valentines day with - hopefully this will be the first of many V-days with her!

Got to work one on one with a real person instead of viewing tons of profiles online.

Much more expensive than online dating - but the fact that they meet every member in person and do background checks made me feel a lot more comfortable of who I was going out with.

George does recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Horrible


Not a good experience, I would not recommend it. I waited for about an hour and a half because the sales person was with another client...I could hear her in the room next door and how she was pressuring another lady to get the package. By the time she came into the room it was about 8:30, initially she seemed nice but I knew it was going to change, after about 2.5 hours she showed me the prices, OUTRAGEOUS! When I told her I did not want to commit to anything she started being rude, saying things like who is going to want to date someone with 2 kids, you only have a 1% chance of meeting the person of your dreams. It was 10:45 at night and I felt like I was being interrogated. It's really unfortunate that you disclose personal information with a business that you are suppose to trust and they use it to try and manipulate people. They prey on people's emotions, and are very rude.

Jenny does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family



My experience started out fine...they never gave me prices, but said they wanted to go over the whole thing with me, first. The lady was nice, we had a great conversation. She took profile, gave me questionaires to fill out, was very informative and interested. She seemed on track. But she would not give me prices. We used almost 2 hours of my time and elove's payroll for her time. At the end of the whole ordeal, she finally showed me prices, I was shocked at just under 4000.00 for 1.5 years, and that was only for 12 contacts!! That was the basic package. Okay, I realize when they are hand-matching your profile with another person, there is time involved. (But 4000.00 worth???) She said there was a discount, and in the end, if I paid 200.00 today, I would only have to pay 99.00 a month for the next 1.5 yrs. I said I needed to go home and think about it, and then she was unprofessionally rude. Basically the company would not respect my need to make a wise decision for myself. She was very pressuring and the more she pressured me, the more I shut down. I left feeling humiliated and ashamed for going there, and for being treated they way they do business. It really shook me up that I even went there and was in a situation with a business who really portrayed themselves as up and up, but had absolutely zero respect for me as a customer. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I would love to see them turned into the better business bureau. They are not out there for the customer, and I would like to know why (since they have some 40,000 clients as she said) that they would need to charge so much. But the clincher was not the price as much as the treatment of pushing their package as well as slamming me as a potential buyer.

None. (?????They make you "feel" comfortable. But so does Satan.)

They did not respect me: first repeatedly calling me daily, sometimes twice a day or more, then could not allow me time to make a wise decision for my own life. She expected me to drop everything in my life to get into a contract with them. She treated me totally opposite of the way she started out, then told her boss over the phone that I did a 180. So basically she was lying to him, also. Very, very unprofessional. So scary that I even went there. BE CAREFUL!!

"Ann" does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - eLove - Worked for me!


Thank you to all the eLove matchmakers for introducing me to the love of my life.
I joined the Rhode Island office and was introduced to a beautiful woman from Connecticut; we?ll be married in Newport this summer.

She was the fifth woman you set me up with and I knew after the first date we would be together for life. The only question was? did she feel the same about me? She didn?t fall for me as fast as I fell for her but she finally realized I was the one for her.

Thank you again for all the advice and encouragement you gave me throughout the membership? you changed my life.

Newport, RI

The staff was very friendly and helpful...

Be patient it may take some time?

Tom G. does recommend eLove to friends/family



I cannot believe!! I considere myself and educated smart woman. Last night I was pressured and signed up for this costly service. Woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep thinking about the money I just spent. Went on line and did something I should have done before doing this. These reviews almost give me a heart attack!!!! I am so frustrated, I read the contract and says I have three days to cancel if I mail the contract certified mail. I am doing it firts thing in the morning and they better return my money.

I hope this is helpful for others out there, I was a fool and don't feel very proud of me right now.


Ana does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Hustled....Scam!


I filled out the questionare via F.B. to check out the site. I then received a follow up phone call from Barbara in Las Vegas. She was very nice to talk to over the phone but when we had our meeting in their offiice, I met with the Director of the Las Vegas Office. She was nice at first, I complied with the personal questinare and filled out the paper work. They wouldn't disclose the fee's of the service until the very end of the meeting. Fee's starting from 2k on up to 12k! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! When I declined, the attitude changed from pleasant to SOUR! They gather your personal info from you and will NOT give it back to you. As far as I know, they'll probably sell my personal info to other parties. DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Nice on the initial greet.

Everything else following the actual meeting. Very misleading and intrusive.

Bill does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family



This company is terrible. They have the worst customer service. I have been in contact with the attorney general's office, but the wheel's of justice turn slowly. I encourage everyone who has been scammed by this business to contact the A.G. office. The more complaints they have the sooner the investigation will get underway. Please call them & tell them how this company does business.

Not a one

There is no one on one relationship like they claim. Bad matches. The matchmakers have to be idiots with some of the matches i recieved.

Focus does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Rude and spiteful staff


I completed the online questionaire thinking it was just another online dating service. They called me and I told them that I was not interested. That was 10 months ago. They call me repeatedly about every two weeks. I have asked them to stop calling and that I was not interested and would never be interested. I asked them to please remove my information from their data bank. They continue to call. I told one person that I would find out what I could do about there repeated phone calls if they did not stop. She laughed at me and told me that there was nothing I could do to get them to stop because I completed the questionaire which gave them permission to call me. I have never been so frustrated in my life. Please stay away from this company. After ten months of trying to get them to stop calling me, I am still receiving calls. I received 3 today! I plan to use every avenue to warn people about this company.


Repeated phone calls
Terrible Customer service

Beth Shina does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family



E Love is an enormous waste of $$. I was able to get a student price, but that was over 2 grand. All of my matches were losers and were so far a way that a relationship was next to impossible anyway. I asked specifically for NO military, and NO KIDS, what did they send me? Soldiers with kids. I complained and got the same. They got me when I was really ready to have a good relationship and conned me into spending $$ I did not have. When I said it cost too much they had a slick response and kept at me until I wore down and agreed to sehll out the cash. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!! Dating is difficult as it is, you do not need to spend a ton of $$ to meet losers. You can do that for free.

They find the matches.

Bad matches
Poor customer service

Susan does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

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