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Last updated: November 10, 2017
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eLove - Matchmaking that works for you.

Traditional matchmaking is not a new concept. It has been well established for hundreds of years and not only continues to evolve, but is thriving in today's environment. The benefits and value provided are unmatched by anything else and have only improved through technology. At eLove, they recognize and understand the unique advantages personal matchmaking has to offer.

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eLove - Still getting a feel for elove


I haven't been a member long but my first interview was good. The woman i worked with, Nikkia, was very friendly. She and I became more like girl friends during the meeting...as in a female friend. We shared a lot of the same beliefs and feel she was being sincere. About 2 days after joining, I heard from my actual matchmaker who seems very responsive to my emails...I am still waiting for my first match to call but I have only been a member for about a week and i was sent his info 3 days ago i think. I am going to give this a chance, keeping the other reviews in mind. I already paid so I might as well take advantage of it and see where this goes. I believe every experience in life is what you make it so I am going to make the best out of this and I'll honestly say so far so good on the representatives side and my matchmaker. We will see about my first match. :-)

For me, it takes out the question of whether a guy is actually interested in just sex or the whole picture. Im still feeling this out so stay tuned......

none yet on eloves part

eLove - Wow!


I am so happy I found this site! For the record I am doing research. I was contacted by one of their reps last night and just from the initial call I am finding the negative comments here to be spot on. LOTS OF RED FLAGS from this initial call. 1 - I could not get a price out of them. 2 - my rep would be coming in special to meet with me. I found this to be odd as the appointment was a mid afternoon week day time. 3 - The rep seemed surprised I heard about them on FB. really, you work for the place and don't know where you advertise? 4 - Professional call centers are supposed to be quiet. You should not be hearing other people talking in the background. 5 - they boast x amount of members BUT if those members ate not in your area what good does that do? 6 - (the biggest of the bunch) they consider you single if divorce papers have been filed and you are just waiting for the final date for everything to be official! As long as YOU feel there is no chance of reconciliation. REALLY?!!!!!! So yes, they WILL match you with someone who is still married! What kind of reputable business would do that? After this call, hearing the horror stories and price I would say don't waste your time and money.

Not sure there any.

High price, slimy sales tactics, unethical practices.

Robert does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Works well, having fun!


I am really enjoying my experience at eLove. The staff is fun and energetic. I am trusting of the process and that seems to be the right way to use it. Of course there have been some people that were not a 'perfect fit' but my feedback has helped. They have introduced me to the type of men I never would have selected for myself and it has been an adventure.

I have made a lot of great friends and got really close to a man and we are still seeing one another. Cross your fingers!

If everyone were patient and open to the process, I genuinly believe that this could work for most anyone.

Great staff
Background check

Samantha does recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - PTSD Flashback


Appauled this "service" is still in business. Told me they have been around since 1974, that's because of all the dba's they never tell you about. The one in CT started in 2009 via Secretary of State in Hartford.

On my phone intake/interview in august I mentioned my horror story about Together Dating Service in the 1990's where I was barrackaded in the room by the rep. when she "turned over" the fee for service after two hours of sugar and spice and I said "I really need to consider this amount of money". This woman immediately began berating me for needing to think about spending over $2K for this service, stating "what, don't you think you're worth it" and "you said you exhausted all your resources so how are your going to find someone". She was actually holding onto the doorknob and sprawled across the door!! I was petrified. She left the room, came back a bit calmer and let me leave.

When I went to eLove in CT in August, 2011 once again I mentioned "Together" and my horror story - not a flinch, or a comment or the truth "that was our business too".

From August 3 to August 18 when I cancelled via email (without any response from my contact connection or interviewer) I had one match -- I never received any info about who he was, just an email that "he was out of town for the weekend and would call me during the next week". Never happened. Emailed my contact to report no call. She asked why I didn't call him - I told her she never sent me any info on him. She was confused "you didn't?". Then her response was "sometimes the server has difficulty connecting with certain email accounts". Huh? She said she would send me his info "today". Never happened. Contacted her next day to cancel. I relented and agreed to "get his info this today" - and she tells me that when she called him he said "why didn't she call me?" Doesn't sound like a keeper to me.

I called him. It was his name on the voice mail - waited one week to hear from him. Nada. I started looking at "reviews" of eLove - well, you know the rest. Emailed and cancelled on 8/18/11.

I am in the process of a small claims suit and will let you know how I make out. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS dba - do the research up front.

Oh the charisma - I even kissed my rep on the cheek and thanked him. What a fool!

Phone reps were like manic munchkins -
Called 3 times to make sure I was coming in
Went to the address and couldn't find the place
The security guard in the lobby had to take me to the door above which was a piece of paper above a doorbell stating ring bell and someone will let you in (was this the Wizard of Oz?) -- they worked out of another company's office space!
The rep was juggling two other "suckers" besides me because my interviewer called out.
They never came clean about their dba Together Dating Service
Lied about being in business since 1974 vs 2009

Barbara does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Personal Introduction Research


I am currently working on a research project about personal introduction services and would love to visit with anyone who would be willing to share their experiences with me. I can be reached at [email protected]

eLove - You can shop, but don't buy


The woman that I met with was very young and vibrant. She had the speal down pat. She knew how to push my buttons by promising background checks, explaining what my tests revealed and how I owed this to myself. She reeled me in like a used car salesman.

However, when she finally revealed the prices of the different packages, I went into sticker shock! I could spend that much money on many other things. Of course she suggested that I use my credit card, which I declined.

Buyer be ware!

I didn't bite, so I don't know if it works.

They put used car salesmen to shame.

ALC does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - A Huge Let Down


I too wished I had done some iWeb investigation before I signed up with eLove, after becoming a member, I searched the company and was surprised by all the negative comments. I called my matchmaker rep and spoke to her concerning my hesitations and she reassured me that eLove is a great company and she was here to help me. Need less to say, I live in PA and my matchmaker resides in MA. How can she help me from such a distance. But the disappointing aspect is that she finally send me a referral that was not in my criteria and when I called him, I got a woman's voicemail. Now it has been 30 days and no contact from my matchmaker.

This company is a joke and they should not be in business.

Learning curve, never sign anything before you do your homework

maryse does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Mr


I wish I would found this site last year before I signed up with eLove.\r\nThis place is a poor example of a dating service.\r\nThe pressure to sign up was as intense as in a car dealership!\r\n\r\nI don\'t want to say any more except to say,\r\nPLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS SO CALLED MATCH MAKING SERVICE!\r\n\r\nYou will be very disappointed.\r\n\r\n

None that I can think of.

They don\'t listen to you.\r\nAll they want is your money.\r\nI felt forced to sign a long term contract.\r\n\r\n

eLove - elove-Fraudulant company


I'm agree with every single complaint posted against elove. Elove is nothing but a fraudulant organization with con artists are employee, obviously trained for this type of field. They prey on all who are sincerely seeking a mate. I've read numerous complaints even one from an 74 year old woman, which should shut down elove immediately. They lied to me, used overly agressive tactics to get me signed back with them, when I initially cancelled. Their reps are rude when you question their inability to meet the contract and standards they promise, which is a breach of contract. They just send you anyone irregardless of your criteria. They should be held accountable for their fraudulant ways and put out of business and not allowed to open up another business in another name, which is what they do once many complaints are filed against them.
I say everyone and anyone who has had fraud committed against them by elove, file every complaint and complaint to every established organization you can. Then takae them to small claims court to get your hard earned money back. We are already vulnerable seeking a good companion, then to be played and preyed on by elove is out right criminal. Lets shut the vultures down!!

Lesson learned--love doesn't cost, and don't be duped into thinking strangers sitting by a desk can help you find it.

Read my complaint.

Sandy does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

eLove - Elove a total ripoff


I have had the same experience that SCORES of others are complaining about. I thought I would be easy to match, being in a large urban area, but no. I had 3 dates in 51/2 months, all wildly incompatible. The background check is a joke, the questionaire another joke (one date told me he just made it up.) I "bargained" them down, as do most clients, to $2500 for 12 dates. I was very concerned about re-entering the dating world because I had recently tested positive for Herpes 2 (genital) and was unsure how and when to bring it up. I was advised by my interviewer (Walnut Creek, CA) to not say ANYTHING, EVER. Fortunately, I guess, none of my 3 "matches" called me for a second date. Now elove dodges my phone calls, tries to get me to use my 3 month hold time (which they say they gave me for free but the contract says otherwise. I want nothing to do with them, and I want my money back. I spent ~3 weeks dealing with BBB but they said I had signed a contract and it was binding. I promised elove that I would share my herpes story, so now I am. Seriously, you could find a better match on a city bus.

You leave the office feeling like life is filled with possibility. Reality comes into play as you wait 3 weeks for your initial match.

They do nothing that is promised. Incompatible dates, inadequate background checks (one person was living in an SRO going through bancruptcy), 5 week wait for a date, etc. I am 5'3" and wanted to go dancing, so I specified 5'10" or under, and they sent a guy who was 6'3", and then told me I was shallow and unwilling to get to know someone who didn't meet my initial request. Isn't that their job?

HUGE ripoff. You get three days to cancel the contract, but your first date won't happen for weeks after that time. How are you supposed to have buyer's remorse when you don't get to test-drive the car?

I am so disappointed, and this is a lot of $$ for me. Anybody filing a class action suit, I have all my documents from BBB.

Margaret does NOT recommend eLove to friends/family

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