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Give a chance to help you satisfy your confidence and gain your prize from Allah (swt). Join free today. is a pro Muslim matrimonials and matchmaking site that supports Muslim men and ladies to discover their ideal match anyplace on the planet. We offer amicable administration combined with advanced pursuit and informing offices that will make your quest for genuine romance fun and charming. Dissimilar to some different destinations, offers cordial, customized administration combined with the most recent engineering. We additionally comprehend the inspirations and desires of individuals from assorted foundations looking to discover their ideal match and feel that our own particular encounters could be of important support. We comprehend that sometimes, the ideal one for you is placed at the flip side of the earth! Regardless of where that extraordinary individual is, or why you need to reach them, we can help you to discover your ideal match. Seek through thousands profiles of appealing, neighborly men and ladies from all foundations looking to reach somebody much the same as you. Your own particular individual inbox permits you to effortlessly and secretly discover your ideal match. Include a profile right away and join with a photograph at Details

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A free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to get full acces to all the features, you need a upgrade of your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $20.00 per month. This is a promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, there is a special promo price: $ 23.33 per month for a Platimun Membership for 3 months. reviews (66): - The users on the site are dodgy and will scan you


When I tried switching off my profile a very pious man gave me his number. Well, he actually sneakily fed it through as he was not a paying member. About a week after conversations he asked me for money! Bloody scum bag.
Do not be fooled into thinking that these people are decent practising Muslims because they are not. Also, this bloke was actually from England, a very civilised and western country. He lied out of his backside to get money. Said he prayed six times a day and was a good decent practicing muslim. First his house was about to be repossessed, then his dad died. I wonder what would have been next. Oh I know, rot for eternity in hell!!!
Most of the people on here are not Muslims. The site administrators only care about the money and not the validity of people who actually want to find their other half. They don't help you with the complaints procedure.
A lot of frauds on the site. Best to avoid it altogether before you end up getting stuck in a rut.


Everything that could go wrong will go wrong. Dodgy creeps galore! Please use eharmony or

Shezza does NOT recommend to friends/family - Fake side


The company (Muslima) totally fake. They using photo very respectable people for example Mishary Bin Rashid Alafasy from Kuwait. He is very good Islamic preacher. Before I write down I make sure to confirm his photo.... If any one want to check then this the Profile and ID No.

Intileyia 35


Everything lie

Muhammad does NOT recommend to friends/family - Still checking it out...


Site doesn't look 'Islamic' at all. I wish it was more controlled because the amount of creeps on that site is too damn high. Suspend the account of pervs!
Hardly any men from my area. All i keep getting interest is from those creep ass Algerians and overseas Arabs who are like my grandad's age!


Creep ass thirsty idiots on there.
Site owners need to control what's going on. - I believe most of the profiles are fake


I joined this website like a month ago. I felt there is something wrong about this website:
1. The number of online members is too large to be true ( doesn't happen even on more popular websites!)
2. As a guy who was previously a member of other Arab or Muslim dating websites, I could tell that maybe more than 80% of profiles on this website are fake. How did I guess that? easy, when you show your interest or view a member's profile, it's a natural instinct to check and view who showed interest in you. I don't get fooled easily, I did that just to check if this website is real or not before I become a paid member. I showed interest in more than 60 profiles and viewed maybe a hundred or more and NOT a single one of them viewed my profile back or showed any interest back!! This never happened before, why would a serious girl who 'has a profile' and 'posted her pic' on this website won't have any kind of interest to check her activity and view the profiles who showed interest on her or the ones who viewed her profile? Something is NOT right, it's fishy. Even the prettiest girls who looks shallow and has inflated egos on other websites DO check the people who viewed their profiles or sent them a wink or interest out of curiosity even if they are not interested in you! Which proves my point that most of these profiles are fake!
3. I tried editing my profile and it asks you to rewrite the whole profile again, when you send them email for help, you never get an answer back. that doesn't sound right too.
4. After reading other reviews that they terminate your membership after start talking to someone for no reason, or just delete your account, they keep the pics, etc. etc, I'm now certain that they are scam artists.

Looks good

fake profiles
scam artists

Al does NOT recommend to friends/family - not effective


I be been free members for several years but from time to time I become paid. Indeed there are real people there, but they rarely entertain me.
There are too many Tunisian and Moroccan who can't speak English.
The Russians and Ukrainian are mostly fake.
I gave my email to a Ukraine girl and we exchange some emails. She even gave me many pretty photos of her. I ve been trying to get her phone number and Facebook account but she yet to give that. On the other, she kept writing some nice words. I still wait and see whether she will give her number or not.
See whether she is a scam or real.

All are related to Muslim culture
It is more international compared to popular site that only limited to USA,,Australia and brazil

Only get about 3 replies after hundreds of attempt.
Too many Moroccan and Tunisian Algerian who don't speak English.
The Ukraine and Russian girls are mostly fake
99.9% of members are free members. So they will not take you seriously

ahs does NOT recommend to friends/family - THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM


Okay so I've signed up a few times for and everything goes good for about 4 hours, then when I'm having a great conversation with someone, my account will randomly get "terminated" .

Honestly this website is a waste of time, it has good features but what is the point of using it if you can't even finish your conversation with the people you were getting to know.

I blame the site administers, they do a terrible time of keeping customers .

I was really enjoying my time on muslima. Com until they randomly decide to terminate my account, I write to the help/support and they never reply back. So imagine how frustrating it is, to take the time , create a account (which takes 20 minutes). To fill out all the info, ECt.

Then on top of that it takes time to get to know the people, and while I'm talking to someone my account no longer works.


Don't spend your money, because they will terminate your account for no reason.

This is the second time this has happened to me.

The first time I purchased a account on the site, it was June 2013, my account was active for 3 days, I was talking to people,on there then when I tried logging in one day it said "account has been terminated". .

I can't believe this happened to me AGAIN,,!!

I really don't recommend anyone sign up for this site, they will take your money and terminate your account without any notice, they don't even tell you why.

It also makes you look like a bad person, because you were in the middle of conversations with people, then you suddenly disappear, because they terminate your account, and you have no chance to go back and tell those people you wanna get to know them better.

This site has a lot of potential, but the people that manage the site are SCAMMERS,they get you to sign up for the account. And they terminate your account and they don't even tell you why.. Honestly sign up for a different website,because this one is a complete joke. Thanks for listening.

Search feature is nice.

Too many cons to list, just read above.

Mina does NOT recommend to friends/family - thousands of blistering........


(this review is over a decade old and can not be relevant anymore)

site muslima... cupid media. what else cupid holds.

business ! and running good.

maximize profit someway anyway, ResMngmnt and RevnueGen, fair enough !

my boss always gets headache running a gud-damn busy-ness.

opportunities for for many to earn some. kinda employment !

member count exponential. ids random, not serial ..........million members, very sad.

except the few fools, and fewer lucky ones, all like me are just moving in circles, confused, sad, impatient... ? something what, we might have forgotten .....hundreds of hours of time, energy, ... might

true, the choice is ours, always.

thanks bother. may.............

and i must say aranoyas.


93% - Good but be careful


I have been using since 2006 , what I discovered are
1. some of the members are employed my this site, once I complained against one of the member and I I have told the this Member has 4 membership same picture , but they did nothing to stop her

2. Any member not logging into site for long time the staffs of this site logging and sending interest or mail behalf of the member without her or his knowledge.

3. I am not sure if the owner of this site is Muslim !!!

4. first see the member face to face on the webcam then start involving with her or him.

5. If she says that she is orphan or poor or Lost her both parents now that big red light

6. You can come across honest girls but that very few.

Be careful don't blame others

or dating sites are big scams

Rony does recommend to friends/family - I also once got scammed! but I prayed so much and


I used this site as a free member for more than two years, after some scam then ALlah guided me to the real right one who Iwe got married last year November. I am happy and I thank God and also Muslima website team!

Just someone need to be careful, I real mean very very careful and please try to have a very good intention.. when using this site.

There are few those who are serious to get marriage in this site. I really got one and a very good man to me. This happened after I was scammed somehow and God is great I He awakened me before things went into very bad situation. BUT for sure it needs so much patience with prayers, and carefulness especially on the matter of information.!

Eve Mussah does recommend to friends/family - about to get scammed


Guys i am about to get scammed from one of the pious lady from muslima,who i met 2 months agom ,but inshallah i wont let it happen as I am going to reveal her in such a way that she wont be able to live peacefully.

If you are bored and want to pass the time well and good,but for marriage nopps.

Majority of women want to suck your blood.

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