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  4. Write your review about has helped a large number of Muslim singles discover their match. As one of the heading Islamic marital destinations, we are one of the biggest and most trusted locales around. Very few different destinations can offer you a participation database of in excess of 5 million parts with the guarantee of acquainting you with single Muslim men and ladies over the world. is a piece of the entrenched Cupid Media organizes that works in excess of 30 respectable specialty dating destinations. Not at all like other internet dating destinations, is only for those looking for Muslim singles for marriage in a way that sticks to the Islamic leads on wooing. Our participation base is made up of in excess of 5 million singles from USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and numerous different nations. is committed to helping you discover the ideal Islamic match, regardless of where on the planet they may be. As a chief site for Muslim relational unions, we effectively unite singles from far and wide. Since 2006, a great many blissful men and ladies have met their perfect partners on and have imparted their stories to us. Look at the numerous examples of overcoming adversity here.

Give a chance to help you satisfy your confidence and gain your prize from Allah (swt). Join free today. is a pro Muslim matrimonials and matchmaking site that supports Muslim men and ladies to discover their ideal match anyplace on the planet. We offer amicable administration combined with advanced pursuit and informing offices that will make your quest for genuine romance fun and charming. Dissimilar to some different destinations, offers cordial, customized administration combined with the most recent engineering. We additionally comprehend the inspirations and desires of individuals from assorted foundations looking to discover their ideal match and feel that our own particular encounters could be of important support. We comprehend that sometimes, the ideal one for you is placed at the flip side of the earth! Regardless of where that extraordinary individual is, or why you need to reach them, we can help you to discover your ideal match. Seek through thousands profiles of appealing, neighborly men and ladies from all foundations looking to reach somebody much the same as you. Your own particular individual inbox permits you to effortlessly and secretly discover your ideal match. Include a profile right away and join with a photograph at Details

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A free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to get full acces to all the features, you need a upgrade of your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $20.00 per month. This is a promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, there is a special promo price: $ 23.33 per month for a Platimun Membership for 3 months. reviews (66): - hallo


hi i have been using this site for 2 years now and i can honestly say is good if uve got money and a life to waste .if ur not cearfull wil be used. most of the girls and men on this site are after an easy ride to eurpe so dont be a donkey.

good if uve got nothing better to do

the whole site is a big scam lot of fake intrests and mail

sam does NOT recommend to friends/family - Good site


I used this site for 6 months and I was a paid member.
I found many real girls on this site. Exchanged phone numbers and skype and facebook with them. This is real site and I would recommend it. Mostly moroccan girls but many others too. This is real site and I liked it alot. There are few russian and ukrainian scammers too on this site but just don't send money to anyone.
Good luck!

Many real profiles/girls

few scammers asking for money

Muhammad does recommend to friends/family - do not waste your time in


I am a free member on this site for years. i have wasted my time i did not got anything from this site.

profile of very beautical girls

in reality wether they exist or not nobody knows

syed does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scam Site - Stay Away!


This site is full of Moroccan, Tunisian and Indonesian girls primarily. Every now and then there is like an influx of girls from another country ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How is that possible? Maybe the site is targeting marketing in a specific country? Or could it be that they're uploading batches of fake profiles?

I have never met anyone from this site and I've been a member for years.

Some pictures of nice looking girls

Scam site. Nobody there is real.

Umar does NOT recommend to friends/family - Scammed on


I was scammed professionally by a girl called Melanie Sharon Catar, who claimed to be from Canada, reverted Muslim, 26 years old, orphan and acted our the perfect muslima that a man could wish for.
She played all the right cards with me extremely cleaverly and gained my trust over a period of 6-7 weeks and eventually asked for financial help that she needs to get her fathers last investments from Turkey and surely enough I fell for it and lost around $1700 and the 3rd time she asked for money I understood I was being scammed and gave her a mouthfull.
Being an IT consultant I was sure that it was impossible for me to be scammed by someone online but no I was wrong. There are very cleaver people out there so people dont trust anyone easily even if they sound like the most religious and God fearing individual you have ever met.

A lot of people on the website...

A lot of scammers on the website. - Ladies Beware! Do NOT send your photo id to this s



I am an australian 19 yr old girl, and i joined up with this site to make friends, and hopefully find my future partner.

When i joined up, at first i was disgusted by the amount of pervs on this site, but that is not the reason i am writing this review.

Shortly after joining, i started messaging back and forth with a very nice canadian guy. he was polite, friendly and he gave me lots of compliments. (although he was still living with his mum lol!) He didn't seem to be a visa seeker either, surely he wouldn't have any problem getting it if he applied through normal ways.

But a few days later my account was blocked by the site admin, when i tried to log in, i was directed to a page where it said something like "your request to reactivate your account has been sent."

Then i got an automated message, asking me to SEND MY ID

I never received a warning that they would deactivate my account.

I've never been given any reason why my account has been deactivated.

I've never been given any reason why they need my id!.

To all the emails that i wrote to help desk, I only got an automated email message that if i require any assistance i would have to send my photo id.

***I can only assume that if they don't want you to know why they want your id in the first place, they will use it in ways that they don't want you to know.***

Who knows what they will do with your id, sell it to overseas scammers? You never know.

I am not going to let my identity used by a Ukranian scammer, so thanks but no thanks. I will find myself another website.

My emails, asking why they deactivated my account, have been unanswered until now.
My emails, asking why they need my id, have been unanswered until now.

Thanks for reading.


Elif Ilgaz does NOT recommend to friends/family - Fake


Very agressive fake site.
Almost all profiles are artificial generated.
Personal messages are artificially generated, not readable to standard members.
Once on ramadan, the site gave free communication for 24h.
All contacted profiles, that could communicate by regular email afterwards,
still send messages afterwards by site, knowing that this is not readable to standard members. Easy minds might upgrade the membership then.
Nobody "real" is that dumb, i guess site administration has plenty of time, trying to fraud the visitors.

Some success stories here might belong to the same authors.

You can dream to find a girl here.
If you try to wake up, before upgrading, all is ok

Easy minds will only find their money lost

Sumit does NOT recommend to friends/family - bad photo management


hi everybody,

personal listings are all about your profile photo, and it is the only thing that catches your future partner's attention, on a page full of other people's photos.

i'll start with the thing that disappointed me greatly.

it looks like the photo reviewers only accept at-home-taken amateur photos. DO NOT invest your time and money on glamour shots, as THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT them. even if you already have a previous photo uploaded, they do not even check if it's the same person, they just delete it with a single mouse click.

if you have a good looking photo you will be considered a scammer, and your photo will be deleted, without any question, without any warning.

as for support, if you are a standard member, you get automated non-response replies , and it appears that support is only given to gold/platinum members (if that. i wouldn't know.)

QLD, Australia

Genuine men on this site.

you cannot delete your profile.
impossible to add professionally taken studio photos.
you cannot delete your photos
there's no photo editing features whatsoever, like resizing, rotating, adding comment/text.

Berrak Can does NOT recommend to friends/family - one of the better muslim marriage websites


i've been a member of this website for over 6 months, and i am overall satistfied with the level of service i received from the site.

as with all these type of sites, there are scammers, but the great thing is that reporting these scammers is very easy, and their profiles are removed asap. i had to report a few scammers, and the response from management was very quick

this site is run by real, local people (at least local to me). whenever i contacted them i got real response, not an automated one

the website needs a facelift, as it looks outdated, and needs better marketing, as most of the ladies appear to be from one country

high level of management
personal attention to customers
very quick dealings with scammers
they give free upgrade to memberships from time to time

website looks old
needs marketing in a broader range of countries
expensive membership fees

gece kushu does recommend to friends/family - Learn How Works


Dear Users,

It is unfortunate that your experience on our site has not been a pleasing one for you. We would like to address a few issues to make you understand better how our site works so that you may have success while making use of it.

First we would like to emphasize that our site is purely a Muslim matrimonial site for people who are interested in marrying Muslims. For this reason you will find a number of non-Muslim single and women who are looking for Muslim spouses and are therefore willing to convert to Islam. This does not mean that such people are out to defraud other members. We have a very dedicated fraud team that does a good job of ensuring that all members who are suspicious and seem non-genuine are removed from our site. However because we are an online site it is very difficult to verify the true identity and intention of every member. It is for this reason that we always seek the help of our members in getting rid of any suspicious member by reporting them to with the Customer Service team through [email protected]

Secondly our staff DO NOT own any profiles or interact online with any members. All our profiles belong to independent members who have found an interest in joining and are looking to find a compatible Muslim spouse. Our employees do not ask members for money as well and in the unlikely event this does occur, we will fully investigate this.

Lastly we have three different member subscriptions, Standard, Gold and Platinum that members can freely choose from. Every subscription level has different benefits. Standard members can only send ?interest? messages, add up to five photos, contact paying members and read messages from Gold and Platinum members. Gold members can send ?interest? messages, add up to five photos, read messages from any member including Standard members, Chat through instant messenger, add a personality profile and their profile above Standard members. For the Platinum members they enjoy the same benefits as Gold members, their profiles rank above Gold members, can watch video profiles and read video video mail.

We have thousands of genuine members who would like to meet their Muslim spouses and we would like to encourage you not to let a few non-genuine members stand in your way of finding your life partner!

There are 1000s of genuine single men and women looking for serious singles interested in Muslim marriage.

Stella does recommend to friends/family

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