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  4. Write your review about has helped a large number of Muslim singles discover their match. As one of the heading Islamic marital destinations, we are one of the biggest and most trusted locales around. Very few different destinations can offer you a participation database of in excess of 5 million parts with the guarantee of acquainting you with single Muslim men and ladies over the world. is a piece of the entrenched Cupid Media organizes that works in excess of 30 respectable specialty dating destinations. Not at all like other internet dating destinations, is only for those looking for Muslim singles for marriage in a way that sticks to the Islamic leads on wooing. Our participation base is made up of in excess of 5 million singles from USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and numerous different nations. is committed to helping you discover the ideal Islamic match, regardless of where on the planet they may be. As a chief site for Muslim relational unions, we effectively unite singles from far and wide. Since 2006, a great many blissful men and ladies have met their perfect partners on and have imparted their stories to us. Look at the numerous examples of overcoming adversity here.

Give a chance to help you satisfy your confidence and gain your prize from Allah (swt). Join free today. is a pro Muslim matrimonials and matchmaking site that supports Muslim men and ladies to discover their ideal match anyplace on the planet. We offer amicable administration combined with advanced pursuit and informing offices that will make your quest for genuine romance fun and charming. Dissimilar to some different destinations, offers cordial, customized administration combined with the most recent engineering. We additionally comprehend the inspirations and desires of individuals from assorted foundations looking to discover their ideal match and feel that our own particular encounters could be of important support. We comprehend that sometimes, the ideal one for you is placed at the flip side of the earth! Regardless of where that extraordinary individual is, or why you need to reach them, we can help you to discover your ideal match. Seek through thousands profiles of appealing, neighborly men and ladies from all foundations looking to reach somebody much the same as you. Your own particular individual inbox permits you to effortlessly and secretly discover your ideal match. Include a profile right away and join with a photograph at Details

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A free membership offers you lots of possibilities. But, to get full acces to all the features, you need a upgrade of your account. The price for a full membership depends on your subscription. A 3 month Gold membership will cost you $20.00 per month. This is a promo price, because you will save 33%! To get access to special features, there is a special promo price: $ 23.33 per month for a Platimun Membership for 3 months. reviews (66): - Don't upload any personal picture to this sit


Awful site. They let you upload your picture but you can't delete it after uploading. It will stay there forever! It is all abut using your picture to recruit more members.

Also you can't contact any person there without paying for membership, you can give any info there without paying them. Useless site.


theft of your pictures by this site.
Not allowing you to terminate your account completely. They keep your pictures there for good.

Fatima does NOT recommend to friends/family - Give it try


Salamu alaykum!

Too much negative reviews here, shame to you Muslim People!! Of course every dating site has scammers and fake profiles so why try to discourage others Instead of supporting the site and fight those scammers? Or you have a better alternative site to date muslims? Nobody can scam you if you are not stupid!

My friend who converted to Islam found his wife here on and as a single guy I am going to try it now myself.

You are not making it better by complaining and scaring normal people from registering on the site.
Just be clever and block people who ask for money.

Many people to find!
I recommend for all muslim singles or to people who planning to convert!

As on all other dating sites there are some people are not serious but not difficult to know they are scam.

anonym swed does recommend to friends/family - Lots of fake profiles and scammers


Don't use this website, there are tons of fake profiles and scams from Morocco and Algeria. Beautiful looking women there all with new profiles sending interests / messages just like that.


You have to pay to see any messages or contact anyone. Most profiles are fake and leverage the desperation of single muslims around the world. Why should you pay for this site?

sda does NOT recommend to friends/family - :: Do or Not to


still a member,verified on muslima.

inside any you will find so many fakes, duplicates, confusing, have to be so careful. even you will start thinking is it possible (or even feasible?)? wasting precious time (and money)??

even reported/banned they are going to pop up with NEW ones (heya)!! there anyway to...

so Do what?

My approach : ever on any mm site {

this is not my only chance/way of finding a life partner (sadly with some preferences!), it is just a possibility, that i may find her there,

accept the fact that fakers/crackers/trackers/..all ers will be there and be Cautious*(i say keep your brain! open along with your heart, don't get confused, has highest (fake/.. ) member count, so big is the mess)


definitely choice is mine/yours.

Cons: - You give your information and they terminate you


I joined the site...looked at a few profiles and was very interested but then when I tried to log back in my account had been is very annoying to give out email addresses and other information to only be terminated immediately....there was nothing I placed on the site that was wrong. then the company would not contact me to explain why. I believe this site is a fraud because once I joined and was then terminated I started getting all kinds of junk mail on my email address.....DO NOT JOIN!


Tomorrow does NOT recommend to friends/family - Avoid!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!


Muna: I so agree about Williams Cole- he even contacted me but did not mention anything about his life story. He was very flirty and wanted me to give him the chance to melt my heart- needless to say I didn't bother replying.

Now for my review- I thought I would join to find myself a spouse but boy what a waste of time. I have since de-activated the profile so glad I didn't pay for this utter trash!!

So many fake profiles- male and female. The ones that contact you are sweet talkers- say they want marriage when in fact they just play games!

Another profile to look out for is that of: Dawud Yusuf- Male / Single / ID: 3834178
An American revert who writes the following about himself:

'My name is Dawud Yusuf. Al hamdulillah I reverted to Islam while working in Doha, Qatar in 2008. I am a 27 year old Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate and I am looking forward to starting a family of my own insh'Allah. I would really like to live in an Islamic State as I believe it would be much easier to raise children with the right set of values. It is also incumbent upon me as a Muslim to marry in order to fulfil my deen.

I am looking for a beautiful young woman who is ready to share in the responsibility of raising a God fearing, family. I am looking for a woman who will love me and my children with all of her heart, mind, and soul second to none other than Allah swt. The woman I am looking for must love and fear Allah swt. She must honour what Allah swt has commanded women to do. She must observe hijab, pray 5x daily, eat halal always, observe sawm, and be willing to assist me in teaching these fundamental principles to our children. I am also preferably looking for a native Arabic speaker who can assist me in learning and mastering the language of the Glorious Quran.'

Again, what a load of trash- seen the same profile 2x on there with the same pic!!!!!!!

Another one is that of Hakeem (also known an Richard Fullan : [email protected])
Pic of an attractive white guy- he e-mailed me he said he was in Nigeria working as a self employed constructions engineer- no offence to the genuine Nigerian Muslims, but alarm bells went off... anyway he continued to e-mail me but this was on and off with him going quiet then randomly contacting me again. Eventually he says he is having issues in Nigeria and is trying to raise money- he has used all his savings / mum's money etc- I just thought yes whatever and blocked him! He was supposed to be back in the UK in May this year and surprise, surprise is still out in Nigeria.

I found this site very disheartening- ended up thinking that something was wrong with me since none of the men on there wanted to settle. I am so glad that I am off it now and have faith that I will meet someone who is genuine!

There are ONLY a hadful of people looking to settle, the rest are fake, fake and oh yes fake profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake profiles

Shaz does NOT recommend to friends/family - watch out non muslim man who calls him self Willi


this is his fake e-mail [email protected]

Thank you so much for the nice email my dear. I think it is time to introduce myself... I don't know what I should tell you about myself in the first place... Perhaps I will start with the simplest . My name is Williams cole . I have been reverted to Islam 2 months ago and i am now call Abdul Kalil . I was born in the month of January , I was born in Belleville Ontario in Canada . My life story is quite controversial . i am the eldest son of my late parents .I never got to meet my mom...........well let me not scare you with all of that........ i would really like to get to know you better . I am looking for a kind and sincere woman that would like to get to know me and wants to be with me forever . I KNOW relationship always depends on trusting each other , understanding , being sincere , loving , caring and being there for each other . I want you to know first before anything that i am a very God fearing Person but i don't criticize other people's believe or religion .

I am very easy to get along with .I am funny , exciting , and an optimistic man who is reliable and loyal.... I am always looking forward to the future , but enjoy the present as well . i like interior design reading , and sleeping . I also like to travel. I am willing to help my partner in any way I can. I don"t mind compromise . I hope i have found you . I have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with allah to affect my romance life in any way whatsoever . My mom was originally from India while Dad was from Canada . Presently, i am in South Africa for an important matter concerning my late Dad's death .I am Thinking of relocating to anywhere especially United kingdom if i find my true love .All i want is to be happily married . I am sure allah willing ,we shall be united together in one matrimony ..... I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches. I like to party and have fun. I don't want no more drama in my life. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talks. I'm a real man looking for a real woman , i love to be with my loved one all alone and be with her for the rest of my life.

Little about my father and my job . My mother passed away a very long time ago shortly after she gave birth to my younger brother well that was when i knew what it takes to be the eldest son of a family of two. Without a mother,my father was a successful business man he was a contractor , i went to the University of California spent 2 years there and after that i began to work with my father as his personal auditor and we moved around for his contracts where ever he was awarded.The last contract he did before his death was in South Africa in 2009. I think i have said more than enough for the start . Can you please tell me about yourself an your family too

Best regards

and this is another one
why do you call yourself sister? you are not dear.You are more than a sister to me . When i look at you what i see is my wife and not my sister . We should not dodge from that fact dear . I am really more than happy that you sent me at least a few lines . and i want to assure you that i feel as though allah has put an end to all those my long moments of waiting . I have been waiting not living and i think its high time we began living and and not waiting . Are u really single? I am just making sure because i do not want another drama in my life . Hamda do me a favor to tell me more about yourself without living out anything . i would be more than happy .thank you once more for taking your time to email me be blessed


and another one

thank you for for opening up to me . I understand that it is only trust and love that can make someone to give so much trust to a stranger . I always enjoy reading messages from people i care about and your messages i must confess have carried me away . I am thinking of leaving from here and come straight to you depends on how we feel for each other . I am not a very proud person . i am not poor either but one thing is certain i am not a very happy person . My Dad's death is a bad tragedy to me . Although before he died he left enough funds for my upkeep which i will soon receive from the security company, all of this cannot be compared to happiness . My dear , i have always wanted to meet the right woman .That woman who will touch my heart , that woman who shall take care of me , love me and give me a happy home . Honestly something tells me you are this person i have been longing for . Although i have never been to your country ,if you want, i can come straight there so we can start a solid relationship . But it depends how fast am able to get things done here . I need nothing more than a real woman . A woman that would truly show me love ,care and treat me right ... I would have loved to get a flight straight to your home from here but then we have to take it slow because speed does not only kill on the highway . It does in relationship as well . Anyway one week of serious conversation is enough to make me come straight to your home . As a matter of fact i just want to have a serious and long lasting relationship that can make me happy all my life . Please do me a favor by being there for me always . If there is anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to ask me i am ready when you are.I miss u so much

he sound strange and i know people who wrote to each other 4 times don't talk like that so i google his e-mails and subhana allah he is all over the inter net with same lines.alhamdulillah i am muslim women and you can scam Muslim person because i know the halal way to talk to each other and if you don't have that good Muslim manor to talk to someone we know something is not right so please sister be careful this man and the other both man and women like him.

there are a lot of genuine Muslims who is looking for good companion.

there is also a lot of time wester and scam artiest also,

muna does recommend to friends/family - Regarding


Review: is owned and operated by ECom Holdings, Inc which is an investment company. Muslima bought out Muslim Matrimonials Network which at that time was really the only useful matrimonials. It was a sad day when the transfer happened, as a user I lost so many contacts/girlfriends I used to contact there. was not the same as MMN as it was referred to. can and does work but it is not the fault of the website as much as the people who join who have half witted intention. All Muslim themed Matrimonials slide down a slippery slope when its members are not the best in their religion. When a non-Muslim tries to run a Muslim themed site they miss out on a lot of critical needs the Muslims have. has a lot of fake profiles as did MMN but why? Why do webmasters feel that urge to blast they have thousands or millions of users and maybe only have 500? This is outright dishonest. And thats is what the Muslims see and they become discouraged.

It joins Muslims where as it can be hard to meet so many Muslims.

It is not run via Islamic way. - is credible


On behalf of, we would like to apologise to all of you whose interaction on our site has not met your expectations. Our dedicated fraud prevention team is always doing its best to get hold of any dubious individuals using the site, however being an online forum getting rid of all them is sometimes extremely hard.

While using we urge you to always remember that we NEVER ask for a customer's credit card details or other sensitive financial information by email. The only way our members can purchase a membership on our site by Credit Card is by logging on to our site and clicking ?Upgrade Membership? and then using our Secure Payment System and SSL encryption. You therefore should never send money or your card details to anyone claiming to be part of our team.

If you have encountered any non genuine people on we would really appreciate it if you could report them to us (with their membership number and any relevant evidence) so we can immediately investigate the situation and take appropriate action. We have provided a feedback form on our site for members to make such reports. We have also provided extensive information regarding how to avoid being taken advantage of in the Information menu (represented by a blue i) on the member home page and we encourage all our members to read the information therein before getting started.

Despite the few cases of non genuine people encountered, has continued to enjoy a remarkable member base of men and women looking for Islamic matches from around the world. allows every member to add up to five photos to increase their chances of finding their marriage partner. We have a fantastic search feature that enables you to select the partner you want based on age, appearance, religious beliefs, location, personality, lifestyle, ethnicity, nationality and so on. You can also save your searches and review them later.

All members are free to initiate communication and receive replies from subscribed members. You can show interest by using the ?show interest? button and start talking to a member whose profile interests you. Members can use either in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, German or Arabic languages.

Each month thousands of people use our site without any problems. Every day several thousand messages are exchanged between members and every month several people who met on our sites get married. Here are some testimonials from our members. You can view more testimonials from real couples who have found their partner on

?I met Omar on this site and we are happily married as of Apr 6, 2011. I relocated to Philadelphia and we have a beautiful family.? Angela.

?Alhamdulillah I found my husband on Muslima! Thank you Muslima barokallahu fikum.? Indah

?I found Yousef on Muslima in October of 2010, and we both clicked instantly. I was in the U.S. and he was in New Zealand, so we didn\'t have the opportunity to meet but we spoke on a daily basis. After a few months we decided to get married, so he took his laptop to the local mosque and we got married in February.? Tamara

?Firstly, thank you very much to Muslima. I found the love I've been looking for for years. We met here. Now we love each other .. Both Marrakech and Istanbul wedding will happen be soon. I thank you again.? Hasim

Aalia does recommend to friends/family - Duplicates - Muslima Condones



There a few women who are seriuos but many are temporary looking for money, visa and gifts

Muslima, about 40% are scam artists and there are lot of women just looking for fun or to scam innocent men. For example this member has 12 - 13 Profiles on Muslima she claims her age anywhere from 22 - 48 and country origin from Morocco - Tunisia. I have complained to Muslima but they do not seem to take immediate action. This is is for sure a scammer .......check it out:-
3906285, 3863335, 3480581, 3899216, 4257164, 597949, 334802, 3913117, 2494205, 3969593, 4462697, 3473783 and in addition she has
more than 8 memberships under various names, ages and countries in Muslim4Marriages

GUYS PLEASE LOOK OUT do not fall a prey

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