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Last updated: October 19, 2017
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OkCupid is a truly free online dating site, and it's powered by a matching system you invent. Joining takes 60 seconds and the matching starts immediately.

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Reviews: 10

OKCupid Promotions & News

  • July 22, 2013 OkCupid Will Let Users Pay To Promote Themselves
    Just about 24 hours ago, OkCupid quietly launched a feature it plans to formalize — and publicize widely — in the next few weeks: an optional $2 fee that lets users who pay it “promote” themselves across the site. OkCupid has otherwise largely been as democratic as it is possible for a dating site to be — it’s free to use (though users can become “A-list” members, able to view the people who’ve Read more
  • January 30, 2012 OK Cupid best datingsite of 2011
    OK Cupid won the award for Best Datingsite for the 2011 iDate awards. Other winners are HowAboutWe.com and Match.com. Read more

OKCupid reviews (10):

OKCupid - Not awful, and it\\\'s free


I'm starting to think the whole online dating process is almost hopeless. An incredibly high percentage of the women I meet don't look very much like their photos. Some look 15 years older. There are a few a lunatics too. On the other hand, I did have a couple of "near misses" where we were almost, but not quite compatible. BUT, here's the important part: the mediocre rating that I give to okcupid is exactly the same as what I give to Match.com, which I finally left. The bottom line is that ALL these sites are slow, frustrating, and don't have very good batting averages. So I used to spend a lot of money getting almost nowhere, but now I'm getting almost nowhere for free. So I guess that's an improvement, huh? If you get easily frustrated and impatient, don't use any dating site, free or paid, because they'll all irritate you. If you do have the patience, this one is a little better than average, and it's FREE. By the way, I just gave the same review to POF.

It's just barely okay.

It's isn't any better than just barely okay.

OKCupid - people need to stop blaming the website for their


It's free, the profiles are real, and the service is well run. Every paid site I have tried has been a scam - other members can't reply unless they pay, profiles are fake, they don't show you how long it's been since the person has been active (because they want to create the illusion of more active members than they have)

This site let's you search by how long it's been since someone was on or how new they are to the site. And you can "hide" profiles from your search so you don't have to keep wading through profiles you're not interested in.

As for all the negative reviews here, these people are whiners. If women aren't writing you back IT'S BECAUSE THEY AREN'T INTERESTED. If you meet someone who turns out to be a psycho IT'S NOT THE SITE'S FAULT, it's your fault for not being picky. And if the selection of people isn't as good as you think it should be, that's not the site's fault either!

This site does what it's supposed to do - features real profiles of currently active members you can easily contact. The first time you're on it can be a little time-consuming going through all the profiles of active members. But after that all you have to do is search for new members to stay updated.

- profiles are real
- totally free
- shows you how long it's been since they were online so you're only contacting active members
- large number of members
- Allows you to hide profiles you're not interested in so you don't have to wade though them every time.

None come to mind.

Mark does recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - good site


I have been on this site for a little under a year and I have never been messaged by a scammer.

Really easy to use

I don't think there are any

jim does recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - TURD of all dating sites.


Every one who writes me is a scammer.I report them with their real names and where they can be found on the internet to prove that they are scammers and two months later they are still on there scamming.Photos of these scammers include Julie Yulanais porn star,Raven Riley porn star,Meganqt porn star,Lana Brooke porn star,Blueyed cass porn star,Ann Angel porn star,Lea 19 porn star,I think this site should just admit that all they are is a guide to the porn stars.Thanks to this site i seem to know all the porn stars names just by investigating okcupids members.They wont remove them so stay clear of this site.My guess is that 99% of all profiles are fake.

All the porn star photos on one site.

Most profiles are that of Nigerian scammers.

scamgutter does NOT recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - What a waste of time!


If you want to do nothing but look at pictures, go to a art gallery. That is, however, all that anybody does on this site - look at pictures and do little else. Everybody on this site is marked "answers very selectively" which in plain English means it is a site of voyeurs thinking that someday a millionaire model movie star is going to appear that likes nondescript plain people who use dating sites.

Chris Coyne the co-founder and self professed comedian, who isn't, is a data cruncher who somehow came to the belief that this ability also made him a psychiatrist and relationship expert. The only thing that comes through is that this guy is a total nerd who is posing as a cool guy and outhouse expert.

This is the only dating site I ever used where nobody answered emails. The site is also made up of 90% of people who haven't even looked at the site in 3 months or more. Add in a plethora of scammers and this site is the zero of zero sites.

Considering the high number of bisexual cougars, maybe that is who this site is really best suited.

None whatsoever.

Site is a shrine to nerds
Too many bisexuals and cougars.
Too many meaningless pointless questions
90% of the active members clearly show they do not reply to emails
This is a site for long term serial daters on over 5 years
It is trying to be a dating site, social media site and Cracked magazine all at the same time and failing at everything

Peter does NOT recommend OKCupid to friends/family



I joined this site and thought i found a scammer free site.Boy was i wrong!The scammers don't use a lot of porn star photos.Instead they use model photos and photos stolen from other dating sites.At first the management got rid of the scammers that i reported but when they realized that i wasn't going away they stopped deleting there profiles.Like any other dating site the scammers seem to do as they please.This site talks a good anti scammer policy but that's as far as it goes.When the scammers steal photos of normal people from other dating sites,its hard to tell there scammers.Iv'e been on this site for quite sometime now and talked to a lot of women, only to find that they're scammers using stolen photos of women iv'e talked to on other sites.I don't join these sites looking for dates.I only look for scammers.I'm very good at identifying them because that's all i do with my computer.If and when i ever find a dating site that willing to protect its members from scammers i will let it be known to all i can reach.Until then i'll keep on looking and reporting unsafe sites.This one is totally unsafe because its misleading and puts on a good show.Iv'e reported a lot of the best known scammer photos and even gave them there real names and sites where to find them.After weeks of checking back to see if they've done anything they're all still there and very active.

Its free.

You might talk to a real person but chances are its a scammer.You have no way of knowing.They may talk to you for weeks before asking for money so just don't give money.If they want you to go to yahoo or msn instant messenger its a scammer.I hope iv'e been helpful and i do what i do for your protection.That's more than these dating sites can say.All of them.If any of these sites ever change for the better i will come back and change my review.Don't hold your breath.

SCAMGUTTER does NOT recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - OK cupid is a cougar wannabe site


I have been very disappointed with OK cupid. It cost me nothing to join and that is what it has been worth, nothing.
I am an educated, fit, gentleman. This has gotten me nowhere fast on ok Cupid.
There have been 2 ways to go: I tried contacting ladies on the site my age or perhaps 3-4 years younger. Perhaps 10% have responded.
The other option was to try and let the ladies contact me. Just sit back & see what occurs: The results were that a fair amount of women did contact me. They were either from out of state or anywhere from 2-8 years older than me. Several were older and also from out of state. I met a few of them. Not one was at the level of fitness that i was. They all looked considerably older than me and some admitted that they were.
This is a cougar wannabe site. Although 60 I have managed to meet a couple of wonderful ladies by chance that I enjoy and feel good to be with. Not so from OK Cupid. It has been a disaster for me. I have zero faith in OK cupid and will be taking myself off of this site.

The questions they ask are interesting. The site set up and organization itself is reasonable.

Plenty! It is a cougar site. Only women older than me have tried to message me. Ladies I have contacted with pleasant, cordial messages have ignored me for the most part. I am realistic but this site has just been a failure for me.
It is not unrealistic for a 60 year old, fit gentleman to want to meet a lady 56-60. However, on ok Cupid, despite my honest efforts, it has not worked at all for me.
I will meet nice, intelligent women in my age group but I do not believe it will be on OK Cupid.

philip does NOT recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - OKC is Excellent


I'm a decent looking guy, prob a 7 or 8 on 1-10 scale, but at 50 am in excellent shape. I average 40 to 50 views a week on OKC and have gotten at least a dozen dates in about 3 months with excellent, witty, beautiful, and intelligent woman. The site caters to all, and not once have I met up with or detected a scammer. After trying Match, POF, Zoosk, and a few other sites, this one ranks head and shoulders above the rest, especially when it comes to not having to deal with scammers. Guys and girls, if you've been doing this e-dating thing at all, you know what I mean when it comes to the scammers. With their unique match percentage rating system, Q&As (thousands!!) and tests, its also a fun site. By far the best free site. I would choose it over the half dozen pay sites I tried, including e-Harmony. Good luck!

Match percentage, Q&As, Tests, search functions, fun! Large population, ability to edit anything, anytime.

None that I can think of.

Henry does recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - Good site to join!


I have been on this site for about 5 months, and have talked to a large number of nice women. Some I have dated, some I have not. I did meet a wonderful woman who was terrific. We dated for a few months and had a great time, but She met someone else. that is the dating world. but OK Cupid IS legit, and free. I'm back on it again!

Real women, free


Bill does recommend OKCupid to friends/family

OKCupid - Not bad


Unlike most sites, this one is far better at finding relevant people and not a selection of random people, 95% of who are completely terrible. It is also free. The only real issue is that when sending a message, you will just about never get a reply from anyone, even if active.

-Has an actual matching system
-Lots of members

-You will get fairly few replies

asdf does recommend OKCupid to friends/family

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